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At The Sports District, we offer a free Gait analysis to provide you with essential information about your running style and measure your degree of pronation.  It involves running for a few minutes on a treadmill while a video is made of your feet. This footage is then slowed down and analysed in detail by one of our trained staff who will explain the findings. You can then try a variety of shoes selecting cushioning, structured cushioning or maximum support options according to the results. A correct shoe type will counter-balance overpronation or underpronation and help to reduce the risk of injury and improving running efficiency.


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Running is a great sport, but it causes high impact on the joints and bones of the feet and legs, so injuries are not uncommon. Ensuring you have the right shoes with the appropriate amount of support for your physiology can have a big impact on the likelihood of sustaining injuries. It can also make running more enjoyable and help you achieve your goals.


All of our team are fully trained to find the right shoes to match your running style with a free gait analysis in our store in Hitchin
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Pronation is the way the foot rolls inward when you walk and run. It is part of the natural movement that helps the lower leg deal with shock. Some people pronate more (overpronation) or less (underpronation) than others.

Though this is not bad in itself, it does affect the way you run and it may increase the likelihood of injury. This makes your pronation pattern an important factor in choosing the right running shoes.

Pronation is the natural inward roll of the foot as the outside part of the heel strikes the ground. This roll acts as a shock absorber for the leg and body, optimally distributing the force of the impact of the heel hitting the ground.

  • Overpronation is when the feet roll inward too much
  • Underpronation (or supination) is where the feet don’t roll inward enough.

Gait analysis matches the runner’s degree of pronation with the correct shoe type, with the aims of counter-balancing over or underpronation, helping reduce the risk of injury and improving running efficiency.

Running shoes are designed today specifically for different pronation patterns. At Elite Sport, our expert staff are trained to find which shoe will work best for you based on your running style.





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