Wireless running headphones are one of the most popular wearable devices, as they offer a great battery life, whilst also keeping you entertained during runs, walks, and workout sessions. With access to the top podcasts, YouTube videos, and music on your phone, you’ll never be bored during your fitness journey again!

On the other hand, running watches offer much more than your average watch. Nowadays, these devices have a wide range of features that allow you to keep an eye on your general health and progress with different workout modes and much more. These features can reduce injury risk, and can include heart rate variability, sleep tracking, connected gps, skin temperature, and step counting.

We stock some of the best brands in the field, customer favourite products include the Shokz headphones, head torches, and fitness trackers. Start documenting your athlete performance today, pop in-store or get in touch with our team for recommendations!

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