What's happening in the District?!

What's happening in the District?!

For the past year and a half, the pandemic has thrown sport up, down and all around - is now the time for us to settle back into a new norm where we can play sport again? We've picked a few of our May highlights to share with you, from what's been happening in the District!


HITCHIN RUGBY take the gold in the "Corona Cup"


Last weekend, Hitchin Rugby took on Biggleswade Rugby in the plate final, and after a lot of back and forth scoring they eventually took the win with 34 over 21. This meant the boys won the plate competition in the "Corona Cup". Hitchin Rugby twos, lost to Biggleswade's second team 38-21 in a very intense game.




With the cricket season FINALLY underway again, the only thing stopping it now is the blasted rain! Only Hitchin Cricket Clubs 1s and 4s managed to get a game in the first weekend of their season. Last weekend saw the 2s and 4s grab wins and the ladies narrow losses, while all other teams fell victim to the rain again. Aside from the issue of the weather gods, it's amazing to see that LOCAL CRICKET IS BACK BABY!




Did you know that during lockdown, the Hitchin Running Club set up a Virtual 5km, and a competition called "The Runger Games". Luckily, events are back on and The Hitchin 10km is happening this Sunday and it goes through town - get involved! Sign up here: http://www.burnthare.com/?fbclid=IwAR1WuagRl2CuSdhseqxd-NeE-bPt8rtBhXL4ifZYc8ISVs9Npnr3OUT3NyI




This past couple of weeks, Great Britain Men's and Women's hockey teams have ended their drought of no International matches, and played a series of games right on our doorstep, but to a crowd less venue, at the Lee Valley Olympic Stadium. The women lost on and won one verses Germany, and convincingly defeated the USA. GB men won 2 against Germany and finished against Spain with one win and one draw.

Catch Great Britain's highlights here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxDePAMeCaw - there are plenty of incredible goals and performances on show!

All matches count towards the FIH Pro League standings, a tournament that has been put on hold for the past year, and is still in doubt due to the travel and quarantine the athletes would have to take on. Currently, it is looking unlikely that Australia and New Zealand will be able to play their games against European countries any time soon.

Check out the remaining schedule here: https://www.fihproleague.com/all-matches

Got a story to tell us? Does your sports club have an event on? We'd love to hear from you and share your story. Get in touch!