Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racket

Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racket

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Incredibly lightweight considering its huge head size, the Tour Slam Lite is all about improving power and consistency for recreational players. Its 113-square-inch head provides a large sweet spot, not only boosting power, but also adding several degrees of forgiveness on off-centred hits. Another source of added power comes from the Power Bridge, which provides longer strings for greater rebound speed and energy.


Power Bridge
Construction affords longer strings in the mains for optimised rebound speed and power. Stop Shock Sleeves String sleeves located at 3 & 9 of frame reduce string vibrations and deliver cleaner feel.

V-Matrix Technology
Unique throat geometry creates larger sweet spot for extra power and forgiveness.

AirLite Alloy
Aluminum composition supplies notable durability and lightweight strength. 


Head (sq cm)                 722 sq cm
Head (sq in)                 112 sq in
Length (cm)                 69.9 cm
Length (in)                    27.5 in
Strung weight (grams) 291g
Grip Size 3


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