STX XT701 2020 Stick

The XT 701 is built for precision and lift with an extreme low bow, 70% carbon, and Flex Technology for improved response. The extreme low bow placement makes 3D skills easier, whether it's a little lift over an opponent's stick or a drag flick into the back of the cage. The carbon construction balances feel with power and at 70% offers a happy mid-point for players looking to elevate their game but aren't quite ready to max out power. The XT 701 is designed with Flex Technology, which creates a kickpoint in the stick with the resulting benefit being a soft touch.


  • Extreme low bow shape and precision toe

  • 70 percent carbon composition

  • Flex technology for increased response and feel on skills and receptions

  • Countervail© Vibration Canceling Technology to reduce sting

  • Textured toe for more grip and control on the ball