Asics Gel-hockey Typhoon 3 2019 Shoe

Get around the field in record time using our innovative GEL-HOCKEY TYPHOON 3 featuring a moulded, high-grip outsole, while the new vamp construction frees up the forefoot, making you more agile.

ASICS GEL cushioning; a silicone-like material effectively absorbs shock and protects your feet from high-impact strikes, leaving you at ease to take on the competition. 

Thanks to the lightweight Solyte midsole the while the GEL-HOCKEY TYPHOON 3 has excellent bounce back and durability proterties, while PGuard wraps around the front of the shoe to protect your feet.

  • Moulded high grip sole
  • New vamp construction
  • PGuard
  • Solyte

Sizes: 6UK/8UK

Colours: Laser Pink/Black