OBO Robo Hi-Rebound Legguards


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Product Details
  • Hi Rebound Face section for high speed and long clearances
  • Hidden Strap System reduces wear and grabbing when sliding
  • Anatomically designed inner featuring low density foam for maximum comfort
  • Rigid and curved upper shaping for protection of the lower quads
  • Constructed using a thermo-bonding system instead of glue
  • Wing hinging system engages when going to ground to minimise stress on the knee and prevent twisting

Many leading keepers now want to stay closer to their goal box, stay on their feet for more of the time and be very agile so that they can react quickly to changes in attack.

The OBO Hi Rebound responds to all these needs in several smart and unique ways. They feature a unique hi-rebound area on the inside of the leg for fast and long clearances; very stiff wings that control the ball direction and slow rebound speed; a wider face than ever before (Total width is now 600mm); a flatter face to the attackers which also allows very predictable rebound direction.

Unique wing scallops that direct the ball straight back into the field; inners that are softer, anatomically shaped, and which mould easily to your leg; uniquely shaped and skinned face surface that allows easy sliding.

Integrated Locking System between legguard and kicker to reduce twisting of the legguard when sliding. This maximises protection and ensures the pads return to the frontal position when the goalie is upright again

The specially designed buckles and straps are adjustable and won't creep open or loosen during play. 

Available Sizes

Medium: 5'2" to 5'8" [157 cm to 173 cm]
Large: 5'8" [173 cm ]

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