Grays GR5000 2020 Stick

In sleek Black design, the GR5000 is a classic choice for players looking for a soft feel to aid control and execute short passes. Graphene enhances the tradition GX composition 

The Ultrabow it has our straightest bow profile, this gives a natural hitting angle for executing the core skills of the game. If you are a traditional player who aims to hit the ball out of defensive or midfield areas then this profile will suit you well.
The traditional low bow Jumbow shape will also assist with 3D skills and aerials for when you need to get out of a tight area or bypass an opposition’s press. The Jumbow shape was developed with some the greatest drag-flickers to have played the game so if you aspire to this then look no further.

Sizes: 36.5'' | 37.5'' | 38.5''